Central Office of State Probation Service


  • Adress: Dzirnavu str. 91, Riga, LV-1011
  • Phone: +371 67021138
  • Fax: +371 67021139
  • E-mail: vpd@vpd.gov.lv



Head of State Probation Service

Mr. Mihails Papsujevics


Head of Mediation,  Presentence Reports and Community Service Department

Mrs. Irina Purite


Head of Supervision and Probation Programmes Department

Mrs. Ilona Linde


Head of Administrative Department

Mrs. Sanita Skriblaka


Head of Mediation Division

Ms. Diana Ziedina


Head of Presentence Reports Division

Mrs. Ieva Svike


Head of Community Service Division

Mrs. Lita Zelca


Head of Probation Programmes Division

Mrs. Inese Muceniece


Head of Supervision Division

Mr. Janis Kluga


Head of Personnel Division

Mrs. Andzelika Dzelzkaleja


Head of Records Division

Mrs. Sanita Silarāja-Liepiņa


Head of Provision Division

Mr. Edgars Kusnirs


Head of Legal Division

Ms. Surahanuma Eivazova-Sutra


Head of Financial and Planning division

Mrs. Irena Kozemjakina


Head of Training and Research Division

Mrs. Dace Balanconoka


Head of Public Relations

Mr. Imants Mozers