Central Office of State Probation Service


  • Adress: Lomonosova str. 9, Riga, LV-1019
  • Phone: +371 67021138
  • Fax: +371 67021139
  • E-mail: vpd@vpd.gov.lv


Head of State Probation Service

Mr. Mihails Papsujevics


Deputy Head of State Probation Service for Functions Matters

Mrs. Ilona Linde


Deputy Head of State Probation Service, Head of Work Analysis and Development Department

Mr. Imants Jurevicius


Head of Office

Mrs. Olga Tupīte


Head of Mediation and Community Involvement Department

  • Phone: 
  •  E-mail: 


Head of Resocialization Department

Mrs. Ieva Svike


Head of Administrative and Financial Matters Department

Mrs. Sanita Skriblaka


Head of Personnel Department

Mrs. Zene Dzērve


Head of Legal Department

Ms. Surahanuma Eivazova-Sutra


Head of Public Relations

Mr. Imants Mozers